Friday, 28 September 2012

Joining SharePoint 2013 into a farm on Windows 2012

In this article, I'll walk you through the steps of joining SharePoint 2013 preview into a SharePoint farm.

In part 1, I install and create a new farm for SharePoint 2013. This article is a continuation of that to join into the farm.


Install SharePoint pre-requistes ( software pre-requisites)
Install SharePoint Server software

When you have done the first two steps, you will see this when SharePoint Server Software is installed.

Click on Close to Start the Products and Configuation Wizard

 Starts the Products Configuration Wizard , Click Next

 Displays the services will be started or reset, Click on Yes and Next

This is the crucial part, in the first article I Selected Create a new server farm as there was no farm created.

As I would like to join into a SharePoint farm,
Select Connect to an existing server farm, Click Next

 Specify the Databse Server and click on Retreive Database Names

It should automatically pickup the configuration database, if it doesn't you may want to check the ports are opened from your server to database server etc.

Click Next

Enter the passphrase which was created in Part 1, and use the same otherwise it won't connect. In case if you don't remember the passphrase, there is a powershell command to reset the same.

Click Next

Confirms the Database Server  and Name
Click Next

Starts the Configuration and may consume 30 minutes or so to join this server in the farm.

Configuration Successful, this indicates this server is in a farm.

Click Finish

Click on Cancel , you can configure your service applciations at a later stage

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