Friday, 28 September 2012

Installing and Creating a SharePoint 2013 Server Farm

Please check this link for to understand the Hardware and Software requirements for SharePoint 2013 preview

Check this link to install SQL Server 2012

And, this to Install and Create a new SharePoint 2013  preview Server Farm

To Join SharePoint 2013 into a farm , check this

Below is the spec of what and where we will be installing Project Server.

Server NameRoles
ls-devps13-01.contoso.comProject 2013 Server
ls-devsp13-01.contoso.comSharePoint 2013 Server
ls-devsql12-01.contoso.comSQL Server 2012 Server
Service AccountsRoles
contoso\svc-spfarmSP Fram
contoso\svc-sqladminSQL Admin
contoso\svc-projectappProject Server

To Install Project Server in the farm, Click Here

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