Friday, 28 September 2012

Installing Project Server 2013 in SharePoint 2013 farm on Windodws 2012

Please refer to this technet article to understand the Hardware and Software requirements before proceeding with Installing Project Server 2013 Preview

Please check this link for to understand the Hardware and Software requirements for SharePoint 2013 preview

Check this link to install SQL Server 2012

And, this to Install and Create a new SharePoint 2013  preview Server Farm

To Join SharePoint 2013 into a farm , check this

Below is the spec of what and where we will be installing Project Server.

Server NameRoles
ls-devps13-01.contoso.comProject 2013 Server
ls-devsp13-01.contoso.comSharePoint 2013 Server
ls-devsql12-01.contoso.comSQL Server 2012 Server
Service AccountsRoles
contoso\svc-spfarmSP Fram
contoso\svc-sqladminSQL Admin
contoso\svc-projectappProject Server

We have got 2 servrs which and where we will be installing Project Server 2013.

Starting with Installing on

Launch the splash from Project Server 2013 Media
Click on Install Software Pre-requisites

  Starts the Prepartion tool and displays the list of pre-requisites
Click Next

Accept the License Agreement and Click Next

This one was quick as most of the pre-requisites were installed are same as for SharePoint 2013.
Click Finish

Click Install Project Server

Enter the Product Key and Click Continue

Accept the License Agreement and Click Next
Click on Install Now, to start the installation of Project Server 2013 Preview

Click on Finish

Note: You'll have to perform the above steps i.e. to

Install Pre-requistes
Install Project Server software

on the other servers (WFE/APP Servers) in your farm before starting the Products Configuration Wizard or else you will see some error setup mising files

Starts the Products Configuration Wizard , Click Next
 Displays some services will be started or reset, Click Yes and Next

Here you go, you get this as I wanted to explain what happens if you don't install Pre-req and Project Server software before running the Products Configuration Wizard
Installed Pre-requisites and Project Server on
Now, Click on Refresh it will take you to the next stage

Confirms the Database Server and Name, Click Next 

Starts the Configuration wizard, may consume up to 30 minutes.

 Configuration successfull, Great, Click on Finish

Note: You need to run the Configuration Wizard on other WFE's and APP Servers one at a time. You shouldn't run Configuration Wizard at the same time on all WFE and APP Servers as it will conflict and may corrupt the configuration.

After this, I executed the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard on server

Click on Cancel as I'll configure the Project Server at a later stage.

Click Here to view the steps to Configure Project Server 2013 web app.


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