Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Save as Site Template missing not available

Save as Site Template not available in SharePoint 2010 not true

This one was tricky had a request from a developer that save as site template option isn't available.

Had a look on the site where this option was available and where it wasn't. Did a comparison analysis of the features enabled on both the sites and found this interesting SharePoint Server Publishing feature was activated on the site where save as site template option wasn't available.

Deactivated SharePoint Server Publishing feature and viola save as template was available.

If for some reasons you need SharePoint Server Publishing feature to be active then there is another workaround, you can navigate to site settings of the site where you want to save the site as template

Change the URL i.e.

To: http://sitecollection/site/_layouts/savetmpl.aspx

and now you can save the site as template as well as use Publishing feature. In 2007 , save as template was available but with SharePoint 2010 things have changed. 


  1. Be aware, you might get in trouble with contenttype IDs, thats why Microsoft disabled it.

  2. Hi,

    There is a reason for not having the option visible in publishing pages, using your approach will most certainly end up in trouble over time.

    I had the question up for discussion with MS people on a conference and they said that there was an issue that they couldn't get around and thereby the option was removed from Site Settings.

    1. What was the issue that Microsoft mentioned that could not be resolved ?

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