Wednesday, 26 February 2014

User Profile Synchronization Service stuck in stopping state in SharePoint 2013 farm

We had this issue of User Profile Synchronization Service stuck in stopping state in one of the  SharePoint 2013 farms. Performed the following steps to resolve this.

Log on to the Server where User Profile Synchronization Service was stuck in stopping state.

Make sure the Forefront Identity Manager and Forefront Identity Manager Synchronization Service are using the farm account as the service account

Launch SharePoint 2013 Management Shell

Get the GUID for User Profile Synchronization Service
Get-SPServiceInstance | Select-Object TypeName, ID

Check the status of User Profile Synchronization Service

Get-SPServiceInstance -Identity GUIDOfUserProfileSynchronization

To stop this , type the GUID of User Profile Synchronization Serviec

Stop-SPServiceInstance -Identity GUIDOfUserProfileSynchronization

IISRESET on the front end servers.

Spencer Harbar's article is a must read to understand and troubleshoot the issue.


  1. Did the IISreset but still no solution....The status has not changed. It is still in "Stopping" Status.

  2. $service = $(Get-SPServiceInstance | where {$_.TypeName -match “User Profile Synchronization Service” } | where {$_.Server -match “SPServer Name=YOUR SERVER NAME”})

  3. Restart the SharePoint Timer Service to resolve this issue

  4. This was a useful post so thank you for sharing. For anyone who wants to use this process it is important to understand that this may leave the User Profile Syncronisation Service in the un-provisioned state so you will need to re-start the service from Central Administration to resume user syncronisation.

  5. I followed under given URL which saved lot of my time. It is a very detailed article which also provided information about the user registration on Active Directory too. Hope this might help someone else to same few minutes.

  6. It would be helpful to give the corresponding start script.

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