Wednesday, 26 February 2014

User Profile Replication Service : Can not access Destination web service SharePoint 2013 farms

Got the error Start-SPProfileServiceFullReplication : Can not access Destination web service whilst performing one way User Profile Replication between two SharePoint 2013 farm's for About Me and PictureURL properties This worked beautifully whilst performing the Replication on Pre-Prod Farm but not on Prod farms

Did check various bits and pieces for permissions for the farm account as listed on various blogs but was of not much help. 

Performed the following steps to resolve this

Launch SharePoint 2013 Management Shell

Changed the Directory to  C:\Program Files\Microsoft\SharePoint 2010 Administration Toolkit\Replication Engine

Added the PS Snap in

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Office.Server.AdministrationToolkit.ReplicationEngine

Tried the command 

Start-SPProfileServiceFullReplication -Destination  -Source -EnableInstrumentation -MaxNumberOfThreads 15 -Properties "AboutMe", "PictureURL" -DoSocialReplication

Didn't work, tried accessing the My Site from the server that didn't load even though loop back was disabled.

Was able to access My Site User Profile Service from an end user machine which indicated there was no issue the web service as it was accessible.

Found that the Proxy Server in Internet Explorer Connection Settings was enabled and set to the proxy server on the Front End server from where I was running the command.

Disabled the Proxy in IE, executed the command again boom replication started and was successful

At times there are some specific settings which cause the issue. Another day another dollar.

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