Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Adding Users in Office 365

There are various ways in which users can be added in Office 365. You can add the users using the following ways

  • Office 365 Admin Center
  • Bulk Import using CSV Files
  • Directory Sync
  • PowerShell

In this Article, we will cover how to add users using PowerShell

In order to use the following command lets , the pre-requisite is to Install Windows Azure for Active Directory PowerShell.

Launch the Windows Azure for Active Directory Shortcut

Connect to Office 365 using the following command , pand enter your credentials


Once you are connected, you can use the following command to create a new user
New-MsolUser –UserPrincipalName “”–Displayname “John Contoso” –Fristname “John” – Lastname “Smith”

Note:  the user account will be created , a random password is generated,  in Windows Azure Active Directory but no licenses are assigned to the user. 

Some other commands to get some help, which I find really helpful are:

For Help > Get-Help  New-MsolUser

For Examples > Get-Help New-MsolUser –examples 

Fore More Information > Get-Help New-MsolUser –detailed 

For Technical Information > Get-Help New-MsolUser –full  

For Online help > Get-Help New-Msoluser –online

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