Monday, 25 February 2013

SharePoint 2010 HTTP 403: The Website declined to Show this webpage

Encountered this error HTTP 403: The Website declined to Show this webpage on the SharePoint Site Collection while doing some maintenance work

This error (HTTP 403 Forbidden) means that Internet Explorer was able to connect to the website, but it does not have permissions to view the webpage

The error itself says the browser was able to connect but doesn’t seem to have permissions. In 2007 version, before taking backup’s site collections were set to read only so it doesn’t interrupt backup process or there are commands to lock the site with no access , read only etc.

 You can find this by executing the getsitelock command

stsadm -o getsitelock -url

Result was noaccess that says no one not even Site Collection Administrator or nor Farm account can access the same

stsadm -o setsitelock -url -lock none

Other attributes that are available are none | noadditions | readonly | noaccess

ULS logs are not helpful as it should be at times and it’s frustrating to see this, no Info in ULS logs that the site is locked with no access.


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  2. I got access denied when i tried stsadm -o getsitelock -url "mysitecollection". I am also have the same issue. that I had taken Backup from prodution and restoredin dev. got the same Forbidon 403 error unable access the custom sitepages and webparts and even not able to edit default pages. quick respose appriciated... thanks in advance.
    when I tried this site locks stsadm command I got access denied error .

  3. Given the issue is same, there are some steps which you can perform. I would check first check the permissions of the account I'm using to run the sts admin command
    Check the database status from Central Admin and map a preferred timer service before running the stsadm command
    Restart timer service run the stsadm command to see if it makes any difference
    Clear the SharePoint cache
    Detach and Attach the content database

    I would rely on ULS logs to understand what's causing the issue before performing any of the above steps mentioned.

  4. After a day Googling finally found this Article.
    I did database Upgrade SP2010/SP2013.I did full crawl, was not successful.
    Above Error appeared. Other Articles were misleading
    This saved my problem.

    Grate article

  5. faced same issue but unable to resolve the issue

  6. in sharepoint 2013 after installing sharepoint when i try to open central admin I am getting the error like" The Website declined to Show this webpage"

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  8. This worked for me

  9. Moved content db to a different farm. 403 all the way, found your post, no access set. I'm an idiot. Thank you.